Coordination Services for Weddings, Debuts, Birthdays & Corporate Events


For the bride/debutant who has the time and “know how” to plan her  wedding/debut but wants an experienced wedding planner to handle all the details on her special day. 


Our Day of Coordination service is one of our most popular.

All of your planning won’t be in vain because we will ensure everything is as you’ve envisioned.  Our professional coordinators will manage the entire event for the day, any questions from other suppliers will come to us and every detail will be seen to by our team as well.  You will have the time to attend to your guests and dance the night away with friends and family.



For the bride/debutant who wants the convenience of planning her event with the close supervision of our senior coordinator. Details will be thought of for the event during the entire planning process. Vendors and suppliers will be presented that would suit the clients needs and budget. A perfect service for clients who want to enjoy the highlights of the wedding planning process without taking too much time on sourcing the right service provider for the event. This also includes on the day supervision of the event with equally professional junior coordination team.


Half-way Coordination Service

For the bride/debutant who is “almost” done with her wedding/debut preparation but is not quite there yet. Our professional coordinators will make sure that everything will be covered and anticipated before the big day. We will assess the progress of the planning details and will give suggestions and suppliers as needed. This also Includes on the day supervision of the event with our junior coordination team.


Party Manager service for children's parties

Moms who need an extra hand on the day of her much awaited party would be relieved to have this service. We will provide professional party managers who will see through the arrival of your suppliers and guests and ensure the smooth transition of the party program. Moms and dads would be happy to entertain guests as they know someone is handling the side programs as they enjoy their own party.