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Made from the finest ingredients by our locally trained pastry chefs. Indulge yourself to a wide array of cake designs that will match your imagination. Fill your platter with the signature moist chocolate cake from us and imagine how life is simply SWEET

Bridal Flowers

Choice ranges from Baguio blooms to Holland tulips to Equadorian roses and Phoenies. Add a touch of elegance during your “walk on the isle” moment and choose the best floral bouquet arrangement for your special day. Special discount awaits for group package orders.

Non Floral Bouquets

Eternalize a part of your wedding through your bridal bouquet. Hand crafted and made extensively out from hours of detailed worksmanship, these floral bouquets are a pride we can boast of. Choose from a number of materials and a variety of colors like felt, satin, crystals, paper and more.


Our in house layout artists will serve your need for your printed invites. A variety of packages awaits our clients. We also encourage clients to have their own designs and artworks. Truly a magnificent façade for your guests to look forward to.

Party Giveaways

No one goes home empty handed after your day long affair. Let your guests enjoy a thank you gift for gracing your special day. Choose from a variety of edible and non edible products that we will personalize for your event.